There’s only one person in the world who can say he’s an entrepreneur who does celebrity relationship development for Fortune 500 companies, created Beachers Madhouse, owns dozens of businesses around the world and is dubbed the The Greatest Showman on Earth by Rolling Stone. That man is Jeff Beacher.

Jeff’s road to success all began back in 2002 in New York City. His first of many claims to fame was bringing Vaudeville back to the city, where he launched Beacher’s Madhouse with a sold out run of red carpet celebrity packed shows at the Paramount Theater in Madison Square Garden & the Supper Club Theater on Broadway. Following this he moved out west to The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino where he sold out shows for another run in Las Vegas from 2003 through 2008. This success led to Jeff opening the first headlining show at the legendary Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood & a sold out, 81 city tour across the country.  Today, Beacher’s Madhouse is the go to event that everyone wants to be a part of where ever it lands in the world or at its flag ship theatre in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel!

A few years ago, Jeff went through a pivotal change in his life. At a point where he was putting all of his energy into his career, he finally had to take a step back to put health before success. Using a technique developed by Jeff himself, known as The Beacher Method, he was able to lose 225 pounds, fix his mind, body, & soul, and he did it all while continuing to conquer the world.

Currently, Jeff is doing motivational speeches inspiring others to get healthy, and change their life in a positive way. He’s overcome so many obstacles in his life, and has shown that he can recreate the steps to success over and over again. Now he’s taking his mantra, and using it to inspire others.

Jeff’s latest endeavor is Beacher Media Group, which was founded in 2015. The company consults a variety of Fortune 500 companies, and advises them on their media and celebrity relations around the world. ​