Jeff Beacher, the illustrious American entrepreneur renowned for his philanthropy and vaudevillian theater expertise, stands as a true New Yorker and unparalleled showman. In 2002, Beacher unveiled his magnum opus, Beacher’s Madhouse, at the Paramount Theatre at MSG, driven by a simple yet ambitious goal — to breathe new life into the vaudeville genre. This avant-garde variety show seamlessly blends theater, comedy, and performance art, creating an exhilarating experience reminiscent of old-world circuses but with a contemporary twist that incorporates curated celebrity guests, making it the epitome of modern-day vaudeville.


The Madhouse took Broadway by storm in the summer of 2002, finding unprecedented success at The Supper Club with consistently sold-out shows in an era predating social media dominance. Beacher’s personal commitment to featuring underrepresented communities remained a driving force throughout his career, setting a standard of inclusivity in his performances.

Venturing to the West, Beacher’s captivating showmanship captured the attention of Peter and Harry Morton, leading to a headlining role at Las Vegas’ iconic Hard Rock Hotel. Within months, Rolling Stone Magazine gave him the title of “The Greatest Showman on the Strip,” a moniker that no other performer has held since. Beacher’s audacious promotional tactics, further elevated the Madhouse’s profile, attracting celebrity guests and ensuring sold-out success for years. In 2003, Beacher promoted his show in an impromptu move still discussed to this day on the evening of the Billboard Awards. Masquerading as a maintenance worker, Beacher snuck into the Rainforest Cafe at The MGM Grand, the rival hotel of Hard Rock, and like something out of an espionage film, he had his female friend distract security while he proceeded to strip down to a speedo, and belly flop into their 10,000-gallon fish tank in front of thousands. Two of the onlookers happened to be none other than Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, whose appreciation led to further exposure of Beacher’s Madhouse and resulted in the show being a sold-out phenomenon for years on end.

As Beacher gained recognition from Hollywood elites, his show became a cultural phenomenon, drawing in the likes of Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, and many more. Following extensive touring across 81+ cities, and collaborations across diverse platforms like the Warped Tour to the Mayhem Tour, the Madhouse found a permanent home at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, transforming the historic Cinegrill Theater into a captivating speakeasy revue that redefined entertainment for the Hollywood elite.

In 2012, Beacher’s Madhouse refocused to membership-only, intimate revues exclusively for celebrity guests, allowing Beacher time for personal transformation. In 2013, Beacher made the decision to Depart from his 20-year residency at the MGM Grand, and lost a remarkable 200 pounds, embracing meditation and self-realization. Through the years, his brand has not only endured but has become synonymous with the theme of “FUN,” a philosophy evident in every facet of Beacher’s work.

Today, the exciting news reverberates as Jeff Beacher opens the doors to Beacher’s Madhouse to the public once again. A tantalizing invitation to step behind the curtain awaits, promising a spectacle of wonders and an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary.